Kancheepuram 3D Semisilk Sarees

Kancheepuram 3D Semisilk Sarees

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also known as Kanjivaram Semisilk Sarees sarees, are renowned for their exquisite craftsmanship and rich silk fabric. These sarees originate from the town of Elampillai  in Tamil Nadu, India, and are highly sought after for their traditional and timeless beauty

It's possible that new variations and styles of Kancheepuram Semisilk Sarees have emerged since then, and the term "3D Semisilk Saree" may refer to a specific design or embellishment technique. To learn more about this particular saree or to make a purchase, I recommend visiting a reputable saree retailer(dacilo), boutique, or online marketplace that specializes in-www.dacilo.com traditional Indian clothing. They can provide you with the latest information and options for Kancheepuram sarees.

Saree Fabric : Art Silk

Blouse : Saree with Multiple Blouse

Blouse Fabric : Art Silk

Pattern : Zari Woven

Net Quantity (N) : Single

Sizes :  (Saree Length Size : 5.5 m, Blouse Length Size: 0.8 m)

Country of Origin : India

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Kancheepuram 3D Semisilk Sarees

Kancheepuram 3D Semisilk Sarees

₹1,575.00 ₹2,623.95