Kerala Saree

A Kerala saree, also known as a Kasavu saree or Kerala Kasavu saree, is a traditional attire worn by women in the Indian state of Kerala. These sarees are known for their elegant simplicity, fine craftsmanship, and cultural significance


  1. Fabric: Kerala sarees are typically made from handwoven cotton fabric. The cotton used is of high quality and is comfortable to wear, especially in Kerala's tropical climate. The fabric is soft, lightweight, and breathable.

  2. Color: The most distinctive feature of a Kerala saree is its color. It is usually off-white or cream in color, which is symbolic of purity and simplicity. The natural color of the cotton is retained, and no dyes are used.

  3. Border: The saree is adorned with a golden or zari (metallic thread) border, which adds a touch of elegance and richness to the otherwise plain saree. The border can vary in width, and wider borders are often considered more traditional.

  4. Pallu: The pallu (the loose end of the saree that is draped over the shoulder) is also decorated with intricate golden or zari work. It may feature traditional motifs like peacocks, flowers, or temple designs.

  5. Draping Style: Kerala sarees are typically worn in a unique draping style known as the "Mundu Neriyathu" style. In this style, the saree is draped so that the pallu falls on the front, covering the chest and then flowing over the left shoulder. It is usually worn with a matching or contrasting blouse.

  6. Occasions: Kerala sarees are commonly worn on traditional and religious occasions like weddings, festivals, and cultural events. They are considered formal and are highly respected in Kerala's cultural and social milieu.

  7. Jewelry: To complete the traditional look, women often pair Kerala sarees with traditional gold jewelry, including necklaces, earrings, bangles, and hair ornaments.

  8. Versatility: While Kerala sarees are deeply rooted in tradition, they have also evolved over the years. Modern variations may include different color combinations, patterns, and fabric blends to cater to contemporary tastes while preserving the essence of the traditional attire.