Cotton Saree

A cotton saree is a quintessential Indian garment cherished for its timeless elegance and comfort. Crafted from natural cotton fibers, it boasts a soft, breathable texture that keeps the wearer cool, making it an ideal choice for everyday wear in diverse climates. These sarees come in an array of vibrant colors, intricate weaves, and captivating prints, from delicate floral motifs to traditional block prints. Often featuring contrasting borders and embellishments, cotton sarees exude a simple yet sophisticated charm. Whether worn casually or dressed up for special occasions, they epitomize the rich cultural heritage of India, offering not just a piece of clothing but a symbol of tradition and grace. Maintenance is a breeze, making them a practical and enduring addition to any wardrobe

Saree Fabric :cotton

Blouse : Saree with Multiple Blouse

Blouse Fabric :cotton

Pattern : Zari Woven and onather

Net Quantity (N) : Single

Sizes :  (Saree Length Size : 5.5 m, Blouse Length Size: 0.8 m)

Country of Origin : India